Adobe To Stop Fash Development For Mobile Phones; HTML5 Browsers In New Galaxy Phones

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Adobe To Stop Fash Development For Mobile Phones; HTML5 Browsers In New Galaxy Phones

It was announced a bit earlier in this month of November that Adobe is going to stop the Flash development in case of Mobile browsers. They actually wanted to have their complete focus and efforts in order to achieve the web browser, as introduced by Steve Jobs, for HTML5. This is such a technology which requires not any kind of plugin in order to have the web browsing same as that of Flash.

 Hoping For Last New Update

We are hoping for the new update about the Flash before the Adobe completely close it. It has announced that only those devices working on Android 4.0 which is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. It seems that Adobe will soon release the Flash Linux Porting kit.

Reason Behind This Backtracking

According to some source we have come to know that this backtracking has done because of a commitment that was made by Adobe to Google and it includes the promotion of Flash on the Google Androids and the chrome web browsers as well. Unfortunately the jelly bean, nickname of Android 5.0, will not acquire the support of flash.

This news surely is a source of pleasure for those having new Galaxy Nexus which lacks Flash in it. This update seems to be very beneficial as it will help Google to fulfill its promise as required to provide a full web.


The decision that was made by Adobe seems a bit bitter. There is no  doubt that Apple has played a very important role for this decision as it has refused Adobe to have Flash in its latest iPhone and iPad technology by saying it Buggy. Apple has not even included the flash software in their Mac devices but you can have it according to your wish because its software is easily available and you can install it easily.

New Smartphones Expected To Come With HTML5 Browsers

In the fall of 2012 most of the smartphones are expected to be running on the HTML5 browsers while most of the iPad competitors are using Flash as their focus of marketing campaign. They should keep in mind that if they want to give Apple a tough competition then they will have to choose another field for it.


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