Android Dominant on Smartphone Market With a Share of 53%

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Android Dominant on Smartphone Market With a Share of 53%

If Apple and Android os phones are combined by you, how much share from the market would the take? Research from the firm, Group, that the numbers 82%.


Android, The Current Leader

By going deep into the reported statistics all of us will see that the current leader is Android OS. The phones which are running on Google’s OS, they grew on 53% of smartphone market which is over half of the smart phone market. While Apple is also rising its iOS dominance to 29% of the overall market`s share.

This is the fact that there can only be one winner not more than that; the market share of RIM’s OS is decreased to 11%. There is a worse also with Windows Phone which has not reached the double digit figure of the market since 2007 but their current accessory Window Phone 7 mobile has 2% of the market.

Nothing is forever and the companies are doing their very best to do well. Google is not concerned with the throne and it is making updates and Firmware’s for its Android powered smartphones.

Motorola has also been acquired by Google. Due to this the giant will be able to control both software and hardware devices in future. The reason of the deal is that all the things are awarded and owned by androidNokia is feeling that younger generation wants something better and stop to use the phones which are using the software by Apple and Google. The company decides to use Windows Phone 7.x.Well this is a good thing and talking about my last experience with Nokia, it is due to game Snake II. Well this is a question now that whether the new Nokia models using Windows Phone 7.x will reach the double figure in market or not.

There are some thoughts which are shared by the executive director for the Connected Intelligence for the NDP Group; Ross Robin.

“Few companies have felt the impact of the shift to touch user interfaces and larger screen sizes as negatively as RIM, but the company is beginning anew with a strong technical foundation and many paths to the platform.”

There is a new product lineup introduced by RIM which runs on the black berry operating system. They are now at the fifth spot just after Apple, HTC, Samsung and Motorola.


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