Apple to Release iOS 5 Beta 6 version on August 18th!

After the successful predictive release of iOS 5 Beta 5 this past Saturday, we have found a file, which is actually saved in the iOS 5 beta 5. This file contains the information about the releasing of the next iOS 5 beta version. We have got great news for the developers; iOS Beta 6 is due to release on August 18th, 2011.

As the screenshot below shows; there is a specific file in black on white which displays the release date of the next update. It is also assumed that it updates itself automatically by connecting to the Apple’s servers. It shows the next update date as “2011 – 08- 18” and the time I assume is around 22:40:37.

Ios 6

Ios 6

Now there are ambiguities about the authenticity of this file, but this file can be more reliable than any human source. As we heard a few days earlier, according to some human sources the update was going to occur on 17th August. This file can be altered by Apple whenever they want. If the final release date of iOS 5 gets pushed back for some reason, this file will be updated accordingly.

Apple’s Renowned Secretive Nature:

It is always the same story with Apple; they always like to keep things boxed up until the very last minute, specifically in this case of iOS 5 beta. No one really is able to give any reason about it. Though two possible reasons come to mind, first is that they want developers to keep off the old versions of iOS when they get surpassed or secondly they don’t want developers to install the unreleased version of the iOS.

This file which predicts about the future releases, can predict the release date of the final version of iOS 5 so it plays the role of the Octopus during World cup, for the developers. Not only developers but iPhone, iPod and iPad users, all are eagerly anticipating for the major release of the iOS 5.

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