BlackSMS Offers A Unique SMS Security Feature For iPhone [DOWNLOAD]

Mashhood Riaz / Apple3794News Reviews Category / 8th February, 2012 / 0 Comments
BlackSMS Offers A Unique SMS Security Feature For iPhone [DOWNLOAD]

Nowadays text messages have become a very precious aspect of any smartphone and additionally, text messages are that part of your phone which you really try to keep private and hidden from prying eyes.

Usually, there are many apps available for your iOS device which put a pass code on it and whenever you want to use your iPhone, you have to unlock it by using that particular pass code. On the other hand, you will not be able to specifically protect your text messages segment on your device through any Apple stock feature. So, if you don’t want anyone to look at your private text messages, you will definitely need a solution from some outsider app from third party developer.

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If you are using a jailbroken iOS device then you can easily find so many similar tweak which alter your Messages app and save all the text messages hidden under lock and key. But the app we are going to discuss today is called BlackSMS and it is an ultimate SMS tool for your iOS device. Standard feature of the app is to provide pass code feature in it. Basically, this app replaces the stock Messages app on your device, so, we hope Apple might add similar image in the future iOS versions in the native Messages app.

A Unique Feature

BlackSMS is for the jailbroken phones while if you plan to use a device which is not jailbroken then we also have similar app named as BlackSMS. Previously, there was an app named as Lockdown for similar purposes. So, the BlackSMS app brings another unique feature in addition to the locked text messages. In this new app users will be able to send encrypted text messages and the recipient will be able to decrypt that text message by using a password you have set previously.

Well, we cannot use this app in our day to day usage, but it is a great way to secure you correspondence if you are sharing really sensitive info.

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Download Link

At this time the normal version of Black SMS is available at App Store for a dollar and you can download it right now from iOS App Store.

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