Enjoy Easy & Speedy Downloading On Your Android Device By Using “AndroGET”

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Enjoy Easy & Speedy Downloading On Your Android Device By Using “AndroGET”

There is one common issue found in the mobile browsers which often troubles the users is that it is always very difficult to download even a simple file from the web. I am sure most of the users have now figure it out, how to download, open .pdf and .rar files from the internet, but still there is a chance that sometimes you would miss.

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Gain Control Over Downloads

So, for all those users, we have brought a new tool for you named as AndroGET which will be able to manage all your downloaded files. Obviously it is a third party app and the main purpose of this app is that it lets you control your downloads completely. I mean that when you begin the process to until you open the file, AndroGET makes it pretty simple for you. The app also supports even larger files and you can download up to 2GB in a single file very easily, of course you will need a stable connection and that’s it you will be able to download all your necessary files on your Android devices without any issues.

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Just like a download manager in the desktop PC, this app also features a lot of similar apps like queuing, acceleration, pause-stop-resume tabs, proxy support and even basic HTTP authentication. Additionally, AndroGET also supports a number of file sharing websites like Mediafire and Uploadbaz. But still, we have to be very careful about the file sharing sites as a number of sites are offering limited access mainly including Fileserve, Filesonic and etc, on the other hand MegaUpload has also been closed now.

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This is app is nicely integrated with the stock browser available in your Android device, while other many popular third party browsers like Dolphin, Skyfire, Firefox and Opera also support this handy app. Some users are facing issues in accessing the pause/resume button as well as some have reported errors in proxy servers as well. So, you should check out the comments section in the Android Market link of the app so you can get more user reviews.


It is a free app and it is available at Android Market, so, Download AndroGET Now for your Android device.

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