Next Generation iPhone Release Delayed Due to Shortage of LTE Chips

According to some Analyst, the fruit company is not going to launch its next device, supposed to be iPhone 5, will not release in this summer because of chip shortage and it is hoped that the launch will be in October, just as the release of iPhone 4S in 2011. According to rumors the release would be held before the October but after consulting with this analyst those rumors have been rejected and it is just because of parts maker. This is such a bad news for all the Apple lovers who had been waiting for this release since last year.

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The analyst of Piper Jaffray named Gene Munster has said that if Apple was really going to release the next iPhone sooner than the last year then still it could not thanks to the shortage of chips by LTE Qualcomm. As LTE has now become the part of new iPad`s arsenal and Munster is quite confident that iPhone will pick up 4G speed.

Due to shortage by Qualcomm the release of iPhone has been delayed and the October release window is back in action, which simply means that the next iPhone will come in market after its predecessor iPhone 4S completing, after about 12 months, which indeed is a long period.

“It is more likely the phone launches in October given Qualcomm commentary around 28nm chip supply…. we believe Apple will include LTE in the iPhone 5 as an important feature in the product update.”

It had been rumored since the launch of iPad 2 that the LTE 4G technologies will be installed in the new iPhone, at that time iPhone 4S was not even announced. And now when the fruit company has put that technology in their latest model i.e. iPad, it is quite difficult to admit that Apple will not put such technology in the upcoming iPhone. Most of the iOS users are out of the United States who were unable to take advantage of LTE 4G speed because of worldwide roll out so the question that should be considered is, Is someone really cares about the users present outside the United States.

apple smartphones

Apple, at the moment, is already in a severe condition because of 4G technology in its new iPad. According to the users present in Australia, UK and many others, 4G moniker is troublesome because the customers are a lot confused as they are not going to get that 4G speed from their iPad.

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