Next Generation iPhone Will Have At Least 4 Inches Display Screen Size

Mashhood Riaz / Apple4295News Reviews Category / 17th May, 2012 / 0 Comments
Next Generation iPhone Will Have At Least 4 Inches Display Screen Size

At this time it is looking very positive that Apple is going to follow the same release pattern as it did last year. You might remember that back in March last year, iPad 2 was released and this year in March new iPad arrived and similarly iPhone 4S came in October 2011 and now it is expected that the fifth gen iPhone will arrive in October this year as well. So, the release is due in a few months from now but obviously speculations and rumors have started to arrive that suggest different specs and features about this design of the device.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a report that suggested that according to a source familiar with the situation, Apple has already ordered for the display screens to its Asian based component suppliers. The sources have also suggested that the display screen used in this new device will be larger than the ones being used in current iPhone or the previous ones. First iPhone was launched back in 2007 and since then Apple has maintained the screen size of 3.5 inch in all of its iterations but now it seems like Apple will be changing all that with the iPhone 5.


We already know that there are many major mobile device manufacturers out there who are bringing top quality new smartphones with massive display screens that run on Android as well as Windows Phone platform. So, this trend of larger screens is now getting very popular among the consumers and that is the reason why Apple is also forced to enter the big screen market.

According to the same sources, Apple has ordered display screens having 4 inch size. As you can see, Apple has not made a very big increase in the size in the screen and the increase is only on a smaller scale. The report also mentioned Apple has given orders to LG Display, Japan Display Inc. and Sharp for the displays.

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