Nokia Announces its Most Affordable Handset “Nokia 103”, For Just Rs 1500

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Nokia Announces its Most Affordable Handset “Nokia 103”, For Just Rs 1500

At this time, the affordable Chinese branded handsets have become pretty popular among the people in Pakistan. Obviously, the main reason behind that is that they have various copied but useful features and they come with very cheap price tag. Of course you would also know that they are not much reliable and if you want a handset with a guarantee to work long enough, you will go for the bigger international brands like Nokia, Samsung, HTC and others.

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Another Affordable Handset

Keeping in mind the needs of the people who cannot afford the costly handsets and need them only to communicate with others, Nokia has announced another very affordable handset today. Nokia 103 is one of the most affordable handset available out there because it comes with a price tag of PKR 1,500.

Powerful Battery

Nokia has announced that 103 will be coming with a lot of in built functions and it will also offer a powerful battery that will provide enough juice to make calls for over 11 hours and the handset will offer stand by time of 27 days which is pretty impressive.


The body of the Nokia 103 is scratch proof and the keypad is dust resistant, so you will not have to take much care of it. In addition to that, there is a powerful torch light present on the top of the handset. You will also be able to enjoy the FM radio with the help of headsets. There are MP3 ring tones and the standard games present as well.

Overall, we cannot deny that it is the most affordable handset ever made by the Finnish manufacturer and with this handset Nokia will be able to target so many people who cannot afford to buy a handset.

Now, if you live in Pakistan, then you would clearly know that Nokia is targeting on the low end or mid range handsets in this market only. This means that all the high end smartphone users are neglected by Nokia at the moment and that is why they move to other brands like Samsung, HTC and Apple.

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