Nokia E6 and X7 Pictures and Specs

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Nokia E6 and X7 Pictures and Specs

Nokia E6 Specifications and Pictures:

Nokia E6 is a new Symbian^3 smartphone by Nokia, we have covered this phone previously and published Nokia E6 Pictures. Earlier in our post, we discussed about MWC 2011 and wondered why Nokia did not say any thing baout Nokia E6 of X7. Well, now yesterday on April 12, 2011 Nokia went ahead and announced both Nokia E6 and X7-00 Symbian^3 smartphones. Both phones come with updated version of Symbian^3, the new update is called Anna. The previously released N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 will gradually be updated with this new update, this update will be done in the air, which means, users will be prompted with an update and they will be able to upgrade their mobile devices.

E6 is a business phone, but X7, which is a sleek looking music phone, is designed to reach the younger audience with relatively higher budget. Both X7-00 and E6 are touch enabled handsets, however, E6 is also supported with a standard QWERTY keypad. The business mobile Nokia E6, which apparently seems like a true business phone, is designed for people who like to do office related things on the go. Before we go in detail and describe the full specifications, it is important to draw consumers attention towards the usability of E6. Since this phone supports both keypad and touch system, it shall be faster to use this phone. We published detailed specifications of Nokia E6 in Pakistan earlier in our main portal.

Following is the gallery of E6.


Nokia E6 Video

Following is the Trailer Video of this smartphone

YouTube Preview Image

Nokia X7-00 Specifications and Pictures

Nokia X7-00 is another smartphone in the series. Xseries represents the music related mobiles and this X7 by far seems to have the highest ever specifications, however, some people and tech gurus suggested that this is phone doesn’t have as much of great appeal as the previous X6 had. Nokia X7-00 Pakistan is 4 inches nHD AMOLED display gadget with gorilla glass . Phone comes with 8 GB memory card and has battery worth 50 hours of talk time, full X7 Specifications and Price was covered in our main index earlier. Following are some picture and a video.

Nokia X7 Pakistan Nokia X7 Dark Steel in Pakistan Nokia-X7 Green pakistan

Nokia X7-00 Video Trailer

Following is the video trailer of Nokia X7-00

YouTube Preview Image
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