Press Picture Of A Samsung Device Floating On The Internet; Possibly Galaxy S II Plus Or S III [IMAGE]

Mashhood Riaz / News3710Samsung Reviews Category / 2nd February, 2012 / 0 Comments
Press Picture Of A Samsung Device Floating On The Internet; Possibly Galaxy S II Plus Or S III [IMAGE]

Well, the well known tech blogger Eldar Murtazin is back from Russia with another scoop. This time, its great news for all the Android enthusiasts as Murtazin posted a press picture of a device which looks like an upgraded version of Galaxy S II or there is also a possibility that it might be the brand new Galaxy S III but more signs are going towards the former guess. As you can see it is a very beautiful white colored device and the tech blogger has suggested that most probable name of this device would be Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. Previously this name was found in an Android Benchmarking app called An3DBenchXL, so we can safely say that there is a high chance that this device will be called Galaxy S II Plus.

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Basically, the device is designed to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and it is highly expected to arrive at MWC which is being held at the end of this month in Barcelona. Actually, there is no official confirmation tells the launch date of the device but as you can see in the above press photo, the weather forecast is from Barcelona city and the date is also set to Feb 28th which might be the date when this device will be launched. On the other hand, it is quite interesting to see that 28th February does not fall on Thursday but it falls on Tuesday which is a little puzzling. After research we have found out that 28th June falls on Thursday instead, so there is a slight possibility that it might be the next generation Galaxy S III smartphone.

As you can see in the image, the device is looking very thin which is pretty impressive and thickness might be similar to Galaxy S II or it might even beat the Galaxy S II here. There three navigational physical buttons also included at the bottom of the device. In the Benchmarks app, Galaxy S II Plus was shown running on 1.5 GHz dual core Samsung Exynos processor. But the device showed in Benchmarks was running on Gingerbread unlike the one in the above image shown running on Ice Cream Sandwich.


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