Rockstar Games To Release “Max Payne” For iOS & Android Very Soon

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Rockstar Games To Release “Max Payne” For iOS & Android Very Soon

Well, you cannot call yourself a game if you have not played the legendary title, Max Payne, which was released more than a while ago. If still, you are unaware of the game, it is a shooting game, in which an ex DEA and NYPD cop named Max Payne seeks revenge for the murder of his wife and daughter.

As you can say the name of the lead character looks very comical, well, the story is also full of darkness and you can call this game of one of the first games to have cinematic effects alongside a very gritty storyline. So, if you were there when the original was released, you might have enjoyed some intense gaming of your life with this classic game.

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After that, we have been seeing the franchising going down; you might remember the movie Max Payne in which Mark Wahlberg was starred. Well, it was not that good and failed to give us the real Max Payne and we are not going to talk much about the movie here.

Release Date Still Hidden By Rockstar Games

Now, it seems like the fans will get a chance to enjoy playing Max Payne on their mobile devices. Well, we don’t know about the actual release date of the title and Rockstar Games don’t want to reveal it yet.

Additionally, we have found out that Rockstar will not be changing the original game that much and the company has stated that they will be releasing “the first Max Payne”.

GTA Also Released Resently For iOS & Android Devices

Rockstar have recently released Grand Theft Auto III for iOS and some selected Android devices, this title has got so much attention from the users but it is a little different from the original one. So, we are hoping that the company may not alter much in the Max Payne game and provide some great way to have all the classic fun with our touchscreen devices.

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Well, that’s not it, Rockstar is also about to release the third sequel to Max Payne game for PC, Xbox and PS3 platforms very soon. We will be keeping you update about the release of mobile version of the game, until then please enjoy the trailer of Max Payne 3:

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