Samsung Discloses Its Android Smartphones Naming Scheme

Mashhood Riaz / Samsung Reviews Category / 25th August, 2011 / 0 Comments
Samsung Discloses Its Android Smartphones Naming Scheme

Samsung is making it easy to distinguish between the phones by just looking at the name. It has disclosed a bunch of new Android Gingerbread smart phones, which are named according to a new naming method in which the name will it self explain that what are the functions of  that particular or which phone does what.

Now, when you take notice of about a Samsung Galaxy phone, this is what the letters in the name mean: S means “Super Smart” and denotes a flagship device, while R stands for “Royal” or “Refined”, and denotes a premium model, just below the S class. W stands for “Wonder”, which translates to a high quality, mid-level device; M means “Magical” and denotes a mid-to-low-level smart phone, while Y stands for “Young”, meaning an entry-level device”.samsung galaxy class m, y, r and w

Furthermore, Pro point out to the device that includes a physical QWERTY keyboard, Plus means the device is an upgrade from an existing model, while LTE means that the device supports LTE (Long-Term Evolution) standard, which enables very fast data transfer.

This has made the task easier. If there is news that Samsung has launched four Android smart phones i.e. Galaxy W, Galaxy M Pro, Galaxy Y and Galaxy Y Pro. One can easily understand what they are talking about.

The company has not disclosed the precise and specific specification except of these few. The Galaxy W has a 3.7″ touch screen, HSDPA connectivity and supports a respectable 1.4 GHz Processor. The Galaxy Y is powered by an 832MHz CPU, while the Galaxy M Pro is very thin only about 9.97 mm.

All the devices will be formally exposed and made public at the IFA trade show from 2nd to 7th September 2011 that will be held in Berlin.


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