Samsung Galaxy S III & iPhone 5 Might Be Equipped With Liquipel Technology

Saad Qazi / News Reviews Category / 4th February, 2012 / 0 Comments
Samsung Galaxy S III & iPhone 5 Might Be Equipped With Liquipel Technology

If you might remember, a little while ago we discussed about the Liquipel technology which is an almost mystical and invisible formula that lets your treasured gadgets to be safe from water damage by coating them with special materials. If you might remember the demo videos of the technology, it is  very simple to apply and we also showed you an iPhone 4S coated with Liquipel waterproof skin and then was floating in a couple of inches of water running App Store games and playing back videos efficiently and without any trouble.

We also reported that Liquipel was in talks with both Samsung and Apple about introducing this coating to the upcoming smartphones right out of the box as a built in feature. Now, it has been reported that the deal has been struck between the tech giants and the Liquipel technology makers and it seems like Apple and Samsung will be using this magic solution at manufacturing level in their respective upcoming devices very soon.

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Liquipel actually is very efficient solution in resisting and repelling water and moisture just like wax and provides you a perfect liquid proof device which will be appreciated by a mega large number of users all around the world. The latest report comes from Today’s iPhone which states that according to one of their sources this new technology will “alter the working on the insurance”.

Well, there were no further details provided regarding the limited working on the insurance matter. On the other hand, as we know that Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5 are two most anticipated smartphones of this year undoubtedly and the rumors and speculations say that both of these devices will be arriving with splash/waterproof features provided by Liquipel’s technology.

Very Few Waterproof Smartphones

In the current times, there are very few smartphones available in the market which have similar features provided by the manufacturers and all those devices are basic, bulky and are targeted to working people only. So, if Apple and Samsung will adapt this new technology then it would really change the mobile world’s scenario and other manufacturers will follow the leaders.

Liquipel has a competitor as well named as HzO which is a very similar company and offers the identical product. So, we can expect more companies to bring the better products like this to improve our gadgets efficiently.

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We are very excited about this new tech but it was not expected right this year, so, lets see if this rumor is authentic or not when one of the above mentioned devices is announced.

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