Send Message From Any Number To Any Number By Using Latest Tweak Named “SpoofTexting”

Saad Qazi / News Reviews Category / 26th January, 2012 / 1 Comments
Send Message From Any Number To Any Number By Using Latest Tweak Named “SpoofTexting”

Text messaging on mobile phones has now become very popular nowadays and this is the reason why we see all the networks around the world sending and receiving billions of messages each day, obviously text messages are earning high finances for the carriers as well. Well, now text messages are just not used as short messages between friends, they have so many other uses as well. Here we are going to discuss an interesting one, developers from Teltech Corp have developed a new iPhone tweak named as SpoofTexting, which brings a whole different and fun type of approach to the text messages.


You might have guessed the function of the tweak by its name, but this tweak has something more to it. The basic feature of this tweak, as described by the developers, is that it mimics the receiving of a text message. SpoofTexting developers say that it will “unleash your inner prankster”, overall, we don’t know whether it is a positive thing or not.

So, when you install this jailbreak tweak, it basically makes some changes in your native Messaging application on your iPhone. You will observe a new option being added in the top navigation bar near the compose message option. So, when you compose a new text message with this option, it will let users to send text to any number of their liking and from any number they want to send it as well. So, now you have completely understood what this tweak does, but you should remember that this tweak only works in US.

Other Will Never Know That Who Sent The Message

It means that when you send a text to someone, they will never be able to know that you have sent it, and only the custom number you have selected in the SpoofTexting tweak will be appear to the recipients. You can take a look at an example here:

cydia tweak

Don’t Cross The Limits

There is no doubt that it is a very nice tweak but only for some light hearted entertainment and should be used only for pranking friends and nothing more. But still, a large number of users will go above the limits with this tweak which cannot be described.

You can get SpoofTexting at Cydia’s BigBoss Repo and it is a free tweak but to send the text messages you will have to purchase the credit of course.

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