SWYPE Technology Very Useful In Typing Messages & Emails

Saad Qazi / News Reviews Category / 16th February, 2012 / 0 Comments
SWYPE Technology Very Useful In Typing Messages & Emails

Now a days we see a lot of new ways to complete our tasks in a shorter period of time, and these new ways are very much appreciated by all of us. This is why Programmers and coders try to write scripts which automatically do all the repetitive tasks for us and that’s why our computers do all the leg work for us. Obviously, smartphone users also need some time saving techniques too.


Sending text messages or typing emails is a very important aspect of smartphones and most of the users do these tasks abundantly. Basically, if you have to type anything, it would be considered time consuming. Well, we have great news for all the Android users because the guys at Swype Inc. have now rolled out their Swype technology for the Android running devices. Basically, this technology makes it very faster as well as easier to input text onto the screen.

Automatically Guesses The Word

As you can see its name, Swype works just like that which means that users are able to make one continuous movement across the device’s keyboard obviously moving across each letter individually. So, when you swipe through the letters, this technology automatically recognizes the desired word and it has the limit to allow typing 40 words per minute. The first and actual Swype app was designed by the company to work on various devices including phones, tablets, virtual screens as well as games consoles.

Swype On Android ICS

Well, the great news is that the current latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich is now getting the Swype compatibility. Right now you can get your hands on the beta version of Swype technology for your Android device running on Ice Cream Sandwich.


So, in my opinion this is a great chance for you to have this new technology on your ICS device. Many of you have been waiting to get this feature on their ICS device for a long time and now thanks to the Swype Inc. you will be able to just run your finger around the keyboard and it will know the word you meant to type. So, go to the Swype Inc. website right now to get this new Swype beta for your ICS device now.

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