Telenor Smart Tunes Codes 2013

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Telenor Smart Tunes Codes 2013

Latest Telenor Smart and Caller Tunes Codes List 2013

The Norway based Telenor acquired the license for providing GSM services in Pakistan in 2004 and started to provide its service commercially in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on 15th  March 2005. It started to expand its services quickly within a week it had covered Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. Telenor kept on expanding its network and soon came at par with the top network providers of Pakistan.

After the covering more than 3000 cities of Pakistan, telenor started to concentrate on its packages and succeeded in offering some excellent packages. For example everyone has heard of Talk Shalk which is one of the most popular package for long lasting calls on very cheap rates.

Apart from all of these packages recently telenor came up with mobile banking by the name of “Easy Paisa”. This news fell like a bomb on on other companies because only telenor users could avail this very useful offer. Through this offer we can open a mobile account in any easy paisa shop. Moreover, we can also pay electricity or gas bills like this.

Telenor also has a very entertaining feature of caller tunes.

Most of you people will have knowledge about caller tunes but this feature will still be unknown to many of you. So it is important to first tell you about this feature.

What is a Telenor Smart Tune?

When a friend calls you, he constantly hears a beep sound with a gap in it which is also known as bell. But if you have subscribed the Telenor’s caller tune offer then your friend will not hear the beep sound. Instead he can hear a song, naat, Quranic aayats and much more.

This feature does not give any advantage to the customers but it is just an entertainment feature and is quiet liked by the people.

How to subscribe Telenor caller tunes or smart tunes?

There are 3 methods for this purpose.

  1. Type “ST” in the text message mode and send it to 345.
  2. Dial 230 for subscription.
  3. Visit your nearest service and sales center and your smart tunes will be activated on your request.

How to purchase telenor smart tunes?

Type “ST<space>< Smart tune code>” in the text message mode and send it to 230.

For example “ST 12345”.

You can also purchase smart tunes by clicking here.

How to gift a smart tune?

Go to the text message mode and type “gift<space><smart tune code><space><mobile number of your friend>” and send it to 230.

For example “gift 1234 03132233445”

How to set a smart tune?

Type “set<space><smart tune code>” and send it to 230.

For example “set 12345”.

How much does it cost

  • The activation charges are Rs 10 + Tax.
  • Every smart tune costs Rs 5 + Tax.
  • Each sms to 230 costs Rs 5 + Tax.
  • Call to 230 costs Rs 5 + Tax / minute.

Smart Tune codes

Telenor official site ( has a huge collection of Bollywood and Pakistani songs. Hamd, Naat and all other Islamic smart tunes are also available.



I have tried to cover all the features of telenor smart tunes and I hope that after reading this article there will be no more queries left.

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