Ufone Caller Tunes Codes and Procedure

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Ufone Caller Tunes Codes and Procedure

Latest Ufone Caller Tunes Codes:

In the recent past Ufone has released uncountable packages and its customers are forced to make calls due to its very cheap call rates. Ufone’s service has been poor with the increase in customers but people simply cannot ignore its excellent packages and convert to another network provider.

Ufone Mobiles also offers a caller tune feature which will be discussed in this article.

Most of you people will have knowledge about caller tunes but this feature will still be unknown to many of you. So it is important to first tell you about this feature.

What is a Caller Tune?

When a friend calls you, he constantly hears a beep sound with a gap in it which is also known as bell. But if you have subscribed the Ufone’s caller tune offer then your friend will not hear the beep sound. Instead he can hear a song, naat, Quranic aayats and much more.

This feature does not give any advantage to the customers but it is just an entertainment feature and is quiet liked by the people.

How to subscribe Ufone caller tune or Utune?

There are 3 ways of subscribing Utunes.

  1.  Type “sub” in text message and send it to “666”.
  2. Dial “666” from your handset and follow the instructions.
  3. Utunes can also be subscribed through official Ufone website. The direct link to perform this action is http://utunes.ufone.com:8088/user/loginindex.screen.

If you prefer the 3rd option then you will have to first set up an account.

You will have to enter your mobile number and the default password will be “123456”. A unique 6 digit password will be sent to you via sms and then you can log in to your account.

How much does it Cost?

The activation of Utunes is totally free but it has a monthly cost of Rs 20. Apart from this each Utune costs Rs 5+tax.

Other important information:

  • Utunes can also be temporarily deactivated but still the monthly subscription charges will be deducted.
  • Maximum of 50 songs can be added to your album.
  • Assigning and de assigning a tune is free if you do it from internet but if you do it through SMS then it costs according to the current charges.
  •  The subscription of Utunes does not expire.
  • If your phone is powered off then Utunes does not work.
  • A specific Utune can also be set for a specific number
  • Utunes feature also work when you are outside Pakistan. There will be no extra roaming charges.
  • A Utunes subscriber can also gift Utunes to another number. Thereafter the recipient will only be required to accept and set the gifted Utune.
Utunes sms commands:


Ufone Caller Tunes

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If there any tunes, which we have missed or skipped, please do let us know. You can also let us know of other caller tunes which you require.

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