XDA Develops MIUI-Style Launcher For All Android Devices [Download]

Saad Qazi / News Reviews Category / 22nd August, 2011 / 1 Comments
XDA Develops MIUI-Style Launcher For All Android Devices [Download]

If you have an Android Smartphone, you may want to have your phone loaded with some MIUI ROM. So if you know how to root your phone and then flash your phone with custom MIUI ROM, then you will enjoy it. But if you don’t know all that irritating stuff or you may not want to go through that long procedure, we have good news for you. A new MIUI-style launcher has been released today so you can experience a major part of the MIUI with it.

This new app is created by a genius user at XDA developer, that developer’s user id is Quinny899. Quinny899 took a Chinese version of this MIUI-style launcher which was actually called Tencent Desktop and then translated it to English with the Android Translator app created by UziTech.

MIUI launcher looks a lot like the original one and also works like that too. There is no app drawer in it and the apps are strewn across the homescreens just like the way they do in iOS. Custom icons are also supported in this MIUI and you can also apply themes and you can store multiple apps inside the folders.MiUi-Style Launcher

According to XDA

Tencent Desktop is a translation of the Chinese Dev’s MIUI Style Launcher. It doesn’t have an app drawer, has some MIUI icons, supports themes and has iPhone/MIUI lookalike folders. It runs very smoothly on slow phones (such as my LG GT540) and has a dockbar with up to 4 icon support.

Some of the default apps in Android, like Gmail, Maps, Search etc have their own MIUI like icons but all the other icons can have transparent backgrounds not exactly like the original MIUI ROM but a lot like it.

You can also install MIUI Analog clock widget for an added effect. And you can install this app just like you install other non-market apps in your Android Smartphone.

You can download it from here.

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