Zong Dial Tunes Codes List

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Zong Dial Tunes Codes List

Zong Caller Tunes List

Zong is a well balanced china based company. Let us look at the short history of this company. A couple of years ago a telecommunication company was operating in Pakistan by the name of Paktel. It was later bought by a Chinese company and was converted into Zong. The whole infrastructure of Paktel was changed including the packages, call rates and all other things. The Paktel service centers all over the country were converted into Zong service centers.

Zong has proved itself to be a decent network subscriber by providing excellent packages with cheap call rates. Overall zong has currently the least customers among top network providers because it is the latest network provider in Pakistan. But it has attracted many customers last year through its hourly based and night packages. It can be seen through the following table.

Besides other features zong also offers the caller tune feature.

Most of you people will have knowledge about caller tunes but this feature will still be unknown to many of you. So it is important to first tell you about this feature.

Previously we covered, Ufone Caller Tunes and Warid Caller Tunes, and now is the time for Zong Dial Tunes for 2011

What is a Dial Tune

When a friend calls you, he constantly hears a beep sound with a gap in it which is also known as bell. But if you have subscribed the Zong’s caller tune offer then your friend will not hear the beep sound. Instead he can hear a song, naat, Quranic aayats and much more.

This feature does not give any advantage to the customers but it is just an entertainment feature and is quiet liked by the people.

How to subscribe Zong caller tunes or Dial tunes service?

There are 2 methods to subscribe zong dial tunes.

  1. Call “230” to subscribe.
  2. Type “REG” in text message mode and send it to “230”.

How can Zong tunes be bought?

There are 3 methods to buy Zong dial tunes.

  1. Dial tunes can be purchased by dialing “230”.
  2. Type “ID” in text message mode and send it to “230” for dial tunes details.
  3. Visit zong official web site www.zong.com.pk

All the actions that can be performed by dialing 230

You can

  • Download dial tunes.
  • Make personal albums.
  • Assign a dial tune to a specific subscriber.
  • Enable dial tunes to play randomly.
  • Activate/Deactivate the dial tune service.
  • Manage black list.

Self made dial tunes

Dial 230 and record dial tune in your own voice and assign it to friends and let them hear what you have to say.

Dial tunes from web (http://crbt.zong.com.pk/colorring/index.jsp)

“latest Recommended” and “Most Downloaded” dial tunes are shown on preference on the zong site.

But you can also search by Artist, tune, genre and juke box from a long list of tracks

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