Apollo will Run on Nokia Lumia 900: Nokia Care

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Apollo will Run on Nokia Lumia 900: Nokia Care


At this time, we are getting closer to the release of Windows Phone 8 Apollo update and this is the time when many people are asking the same question that whether the existing Windows Phone devices will be getting the update or not. Previously, some sources confirmed that none of the current handsets will be getting a Windows Phone 8 update while other sources claim completely opposite. So, at this time all the Windows Phone smartphone users are just hanging in the middle and only waiting for the official statement from the manufacturer.

Lumia 900 To Get Apollo

Well. It seems like Nokia is pretty sure that the current Windows Phone devices will be update to the WP 8 Apollo. As, a representative at Nokia Care has confirmed that Nokia’s latest flagship Windows Phone device, the Lumia 900 will be getting the Windows Phone 8 Apollo. He said that Lumia 900 is capable of upgrading to the Windows Phone 8. Here is the screenshot of the online chat between a customer and the Nokia Care rep:


At this time we cannot completely rely on the statement from the Nokia Care because they can be wrong. So, all we need to do is just wait for the official announcement from Nokia or Microsoft before celebrating it. In addition to that, the Nokia Care rep said that the device will be capable of upgrading but he did not clearly say that it will be upgraded. So, it means that there is a chance that Nokia might hold the WP 8 update for the current devices in order to push the latest WP8 powered devices. Which means that it will not matter whether a handset meets the hardware requirement for the platform or not.

Of course we don’t have much right now, but we can hope for the best. All the things are dizzy right now but I am sure that we will be getting further info on the matter rat the Windows Phone Developer Summit later this month. The event will take place in San Francisco on 20th June, and we are expecting that Microsoft will be previewing the Windows Phone 8 there.

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