Nokia Dual Sim Mobile Prices in Pakistan

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Nokia Dual Sim Mobile Prices in Pakistan

Nokia Dual Sim Mobiles in Pakistan:

Nokia after a lot of time, finally made it into the league of dual sim mobile vendors and since Nokia has jumped intot he game, it is pretty much likely that a lot of other brands, such as samsung, Lg, Motorola might have to produce more qualitative dual sim mobiles. Nokia’s all dual sim mobile phone prices in pakistan are sleek in look and very affordable in price, however, since, such dual sim phones are only few and not all of them have yet made it to the markets, hence we cannot say with certainty about their performance, but it is pretty safe to assume that all these handsets will be pretty amazing and usable.

I would also like to mention that the Chinese have made a phone with triple sims, a company called Akai Trio made a first phone with the ability to carry 3 sims at same time, however, it is unknown whether they have “stand by” and “wait” functions or all the sims operate and function simultaneously . Following is the list of dual sim mobile by Nokia. This story is more like a work in progress and we shall keep updating the list with the advent of new arrivals.

Dual Sim:

Following is the list of phones, check out their prices, and download themes, wallpapers, games, softwares of just read reviews by fellow users.

  • Nokia 112 Price & Specifications
    Announced on 15 May, 2012 another double sim device by Nokia, and expected to release in 2nd quarter of 2012.
  • Nokia 110 Charges & Specifications
    101 is just another basic entry level device introduced to fulfill the need of low end consumers.
  • Nokia Asha 202 Charges & Specs
    202 was announced around February, 2012. It is another attempt by Nokia to capture low end market to give some tight competition to Chinese vendors.
  • Nokia X2-02 Price & Specifications
    This is another dual handset, which looks pretty much like X1-01, however its lighter and has 2 Mp camera.
  • Nokia asha 200 Price & features in Pak
    this is latest upcoming dual sim handset by Nokia, it was announced in October, 2011 and is expected to release by 4th quarter of year 2011. Price will be around Rs 7,100/-
  • Nokia 101 Price & Specs
    Nokia announced this phone on 25/08/2011 and this phone is supposed to be released in 3rd Quarter of 2011, global price is around 3000/- PKR, but we shall update price once its released in PK.
  • Nokia C2 03 Price in Pakistan
    Announced on 21/06/2011 Soon to be released. NOTE: We have now updates on this mobile, its released in Pakistan and can be purchased for 8500/- RS
  • Nokia C2 02 Price in Pakistan
    Announced on 21/06/2011 Soon to be released. NOTE: Released now, but its not a dual sim and costing around 7500 Rs.
  • Nokia C2 06 Price in Pakistan  Announced, soon to be released.


We expect Nokia to release more Dual sim mobiles.

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