Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date Confirmed

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Release Date Confirmed

The electronics of Samsung i.e.; the topmost Smartphone makers of the world has now passed the releasing date of the Galaxy Nexus in the Europe. Yet it is partially fuzzier about the date of U.S. We must see the Ice Cream Sandwich of Android which is designed on Verizon within few weeks.

The Samsung is having the launch party in this week. The Samsung has already postponed the launch due to the death of the Steve jobs. The newest information on the flagship of Google was the Smartphone for the latest version of Android i.e.; the version 4.0 or the Ice Cream sandwich among the announcements. Now, we have a final date on its availability in Europe, yet we are not sure about the U.S. date. However, in the Europe, it will be available on the 17 November but in the U.S., probably in November sometime. The Verizon’s version shall take the true 4G upgraded LTE but the version of Europe shall support an uber-fast 21 Mega bytes per second HSDPA.

Some Fearures

It would be a very powerful device as it is a dual core and includes 1.2 GHz OMAP 44 SoC from the TI based on Cortex-A9 of ARM and it also includes 1 GB of RAM. The back camera is 5 Mega pixels that can capture HD video and the front one is 1.3. In addition to them, it is also having a barometer to predict weather. It’s pretty thin and it is easier to carry. It does not look bulky like some others.  The Samsung has also invented its Galaxy Note machine. It has the resolution or 1280x800WXGA and it has 5.3 inches screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is being commercialized in the UK for the pre-order around £500-to-£525 mark and this also includes 20 percent sales tax. So finally it becomes around $650 plus tax.






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