YotaPhone Will Be Released by The End Of This Year

Mashhood Riaz / News Reviews Category / 3rd March, 2013 / 4 Comments
YotaPhone Will Be Released by The End Of This Year

Not long ago we discussed a new smartphone which was featuring a dual touch screen, named as YotaPhone. It is a device made by a Russian company named Yota and it has been under development for two years now. Well, it seems like now it is going into mass production and it is going to be released all around the world by the end of this year.


As I mentioned above, YotaPhone’s main feature will be the dual touch screens and it will be running on Android. Yota Devices was looking to collaborate with other companies to make it into the production and now they have signed a deal with a Singapore based company named Hi-P. Hi-P has been a component supplier for major vendors like Apple, Blackberry and Amazon. In addition to that, Yota is also planning on opening their own facility in Singapore to do more research and development on this product.

Specifications of YotaPhone

Let’s talk about the specs of this revolutionary device, Yota Phone will  be coming with a 4.3 inch HD color main display screen and on the back it will be featuring a 4.3 inch e-ink display. This e-ink display will be used for so many useful purposes. Users will be able to use it as an e-reader to reduce the battery consumption. In addition to that, it will also a quick way to check notifications and time without turning on the main display.

Separate Gesture Area For Navigation

Another great feature of YotaPhone will be that it will not feature the usual Android on screen navigation buttons. Instead it will be coming with a gesture area on the bottom which will be used for navigation. Yota Phone is expected to come out with Android 4.2 running out of the box.

Yota is a Russian company, so the device will launch first in Russia, we don’t know anything about release date and pricing details of the device. Well, some of the rumored reports suggest that it might cost around $500. It will feature 32GB or 64GB storage and 12MP rear camera. It will be running on a dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor. It may also support 4G LTE connectivity.

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