Now Dial a Number Quickly Within The Notification Center By Using “NCInstaCall” For iPhone

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Now Dial a Number Quickly Within The Notification Center By Using “NCInstaCall” For iPhone

As we all know that Apple added many new features in the iOS 5 and Notification Center was one of the key features. Notification Center is the feature, where the emails are shown, text messages, calendar events, app notifications, breaking news, latest scores and even much more new updates you have subscribed to are shown. So, all you need to do is just swipe your finger one time with power and that’s it, it will pop up.

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Many Improvements Seen After The Launch of iOS 5

After iOS 5 has been launched we have been seeing a lot of improvement in the tweaks and widgets created for jailbroken devices and many of these are integrated with the new Notification center which make those tasks even more easier. These tweaks mainly include copying the functionality of SBSettings, adding RSS feeds, integrating with the timelines of social networks, adding powerful media player tools and even the ability to quickly show system preferences and stats as well. As you can observe that, each one of the above mentioned tweaks have their own specific issue and overall they join together to improve the performance of Notification Center and make it more useful.

Dial Number Quickly Within The Notification Center

So, today we are going to discuss a latest tweak designed to be integrated within the Notification Center. This tweak resolves an issue which was ignored by iOS until now. Interestingly, a 14 year old developer named as Will Coughlin has released a free tweak in the jailbreak community which is named as NCInstaCall. With this new tweak, users can dial a number quickly within the Notification Center to any number of their choice. Well, it is a very simple tweak without any Sprinboard icons and you can enable or disable it through the device’s default Settings app easily.

So, it is truly a very helpful tweak and has addressed a very important and ignored issue in the iOS. So, if you are interested in this tweak you can download it free of cost from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. And of course you can install this tweak on a jailbroken device.

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